Alison and Ryan

Please join us to celebrate at our happily ever after party

We did

Hello to our family and friends! We can't wait to celebrate our marriage with you all. You'll find everything you need to know about our Happily Ever After Party throughout this page. We kindly request no gifts for this reception. Your journey to celebrate with us is more than we could ever ask for. Before you get into the details of this reception, we wanted to share a little bit of our marriage story with you.

Ryan proposed to Alison on December 4, 2020 on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. In typical Ryan fashion, he had done very little planning or preparing and figured he could just wing it (like most things he does). As his knee hit the ground, all he could muster was a simple "Will you?" with an innocent, nervous smile. Alison is not one to let people she loves do the bare minimum and responded with "Will I what?". "Will you marry me?", Ryan responded. As you can tell, she said yes and they spent the rest of their trip enjoying way too much food, way too many fruity drinks and planning for the big day.

They arrived back in Denver and excitedly told their 5 kids they were going to get married and were met with mixed emotions ranging from "Cool, can we go swimming now?" to "Alison is pregnant!" to the 9-year-old "step-twins" hugging because they were officially going to be sisters. We did go swimming, Alison was not pregnant, and the step-twins are now officially sisters.

Fast forward to April 2021 as we were making final preparations for a surprise elopement with the kids. The flights and hotels were booked, bags were being packed, the venue was ready for us and we were excited to tie the knot. Then, Ryan did what he does best and added some excitement to everything and tested positive for COVID 2 days before they were supposed to leave. Alison spent her birthday, mothers day, and the next 10 days, nursing him back to life and rescheduling everything. Talk about "in sickness and in health". One day before we were supposed to leave for the second attempt Kingsley tested positive for COVID. Alison rescheduled everything again and then Quinn tested positive for COVID.

Finally, we were all healthy, COVID free and able to head down to Mexico for our ceremony overlooking the ocean in beautiful Tulum, Mexico which took place on May 26, 2021. We couldn't be more excited to celebrate our marriage and blending into one big crazy family with all of our favorite people. We look forward to partying with you all soon!